Cooling Tower Services:

  • Free Cooling Tower Inspection! - This free evaluation of your cooling tower performance and efficiency will ensure that your cooling tower is running at optimal performance. Inspection includes:


    • Inspection of fill media and drift eliminators for performance and life expectancy

    • Inspection of mechanical parts such as bearings, gear reducers, motors and belts

    • Inspection of cooling tower for any corrosion and rust on steel components

    • Inspection of cooling tower liner

    • Inspection of cooling tower for leaks

    • Inspection of current cooling tower efficiency rating and free estimates on cooling tower upgrades and energy credits

Upgrades may include but are not limited to:

  • Upgrade existing fill media with high-efficiency fill media - By switching to more modern fill cooling tower owners can save on downtime, runtime, wearing of motor and belts and operating cost.

  • Upgrade existing fill media support - Installation of FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) fill media supports for cross flow cooling towers and hot dipped galvanized steel fill media supports for counter flow cooling towers.

  • Upgrade cooling tower interior liner - Sandblasting and application of fire-proof elastomeric liner on interior surface areas of cooling towers which are exposed to water and chemicals.

  • Upgrade water basin - Installation of hot water basins constructed of stainless or galvanized steel

Repairs may include but are not limited to:

  • Installation of drift eliminators

  • Installation of fill media

  • Replacement of motors and gear boxes

  • Replacement or repairing of sheet metal panels along cold water basins or plenum chamber walls

  • Replacement of sump screens with stainless steel screens

  • Replacement of bearings, bushings, sheaves, fans and fan shafts

  • Replacement of cold water basin heaters and accompanying myers hub

At J&L Cooling Towers we believe in using the highest quality parts available for all upgrades and repairs. That is why we will use stainless steel hardware and OEM part or better.

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